Dogs in Your Apartment: Keeping the Landlord Happy

If you are a dog owner who lives in an apartment, then you know that landlords do not like dogs with behavior problems. In some cases, if the problem is severe or if the neighbors complain, the landlord might ask you to remove your pet or find another place to live. To avoid this potential predicament, you need to nip any troublesome behaviors in the bud. This article examines some of the most annoying dog behaviors and how to deal with them.  


Barking is an especially difficult issue for apartment dwellers because neighbors are so close to you and are likely to complain about the noise. Sometimes dogs bark simply because they are bored or have too much energy. One good idea is to start the morning by exercising your dog outside, which will keep him or her calmer during the day. Apartment dogs often bark due to a stimulus from outside. Keep the windows closed and have curtains placed over them to reduce the amount of noise coming into the apartment and to prevent the pet from seeing anything that agitates him or her. You could also leave a fan on to minimize outside noise. If necessary, have a trainer teach the dog to keep quiet on command.  


Chewing is another important issue for some apartment dwellers with dogs. It may not be serious if the dog is just chewing items that belong to you, such as furniture or clothes, but it's very different if the dog is chewing the apartment carpet or baseboards. In this case, the landlord might ask you to pay damages or try to break the lease.  

To stop your dog's destructive chewing, give him or her plenty of appropriate items to chew on, such as edible chewing bones. Another good idea is to spray items in the apartment with chewing deterrent. Also, keeping your dog confined in a small room of the apartment with plenty of toys to play with and edible items to chew on may help minimize the behavior during times when you are gone.

Spay and Neuter 

One of the best things you can do to resolve behavior problems is to have your dogs spayed or neutered. This makes it much less likely that the dog will try to get free of your apartment and cause trouble for neighbors or get into confrontations with other pets in the apartment building. 

Having a dog is a great way for apartment dwellers to have some companionship and enjoy the benefit of pet ownership. Just remember that landlord's don't want a difficult pet in their buildings, so follow the tips listed above to avoid trouble. To find pet-friendly apartments to rent, contact a real estate agent from a company like Jolan Properties Inc.