Pet Friendly Palace: Starting A Dog Park On In Your Apartment Community

Most pet owners will not consider moving to a place that is not pet friendly. Along with allowing animals inside of the apartment units, the exterior and common areas must be pet friendly. Dog owners will want to have sidewalks to walk their animal and plenty of green space for them to run around. Installing a dog park is a great method for attracting renters to your property and increasing your notches towards becoming a luxury apartment building. Here are some ways to clear out and build a dog park.

Have property maintenance build a fence

The first step towards building a dog park is creating a boundary for the park. The best type of fence to create is a picket fence for a dog park. Picket fences are more aesthetically pleasing and can help keep the dogs attention inside of the dog park, rather than what is beyond the picket fence. Property maintenance, such as Marcine & Roussel Company, should pick a green path that is in one of the corners of the apartment complex, ad make it large enough to fit several large dogs and their owners at one time.

Include clean up supplies

One of the concerns that non pet owners and pet owners alike share is the mess that can be created by dogs. A dog park is a good thing, because it can help concentrate necessary dog maintenance in one area. Provide doggy clean up bags and a trash can inside of the dog park so that owners can easily pick up and dispose of pet waste. Have property maintenance stop by regularly to pick up any waste that was left and to empty the trash can to keep away any unpleasant smells. If possible, use scented pet waste bags in order to keep the dog park smelling fresh and pleasant at all times.

Treat for fleas

At a dog park, maintenance should keep the grass low to make sure the area stays clean and discourage any pest infestations. In an area that many dogs may share, it is a good idea to treat for fleas, as an infestation outside means the pets will track them inside of the apartment units. Have property maintenance treat the grass inside of the dog park and perimeter around the park, for good measure. Be sure to send out a letter to the pet parents in your apartment buildings to let them know the particular type of treatment you use and the ingredients.