Tips For College Kids To Land Their First Apartment

If you are headed to college, finding the perfect housing situation can seem like a tough endeavor. If your university housing is impacted, coming off as a model renter is a priority. Here are four ways to shine when meeting landlords and hopefully land housing near your campus.

1. Have a Renter Résumé

Go into rental open houses like you are going to a job interview. If there isn't a rental application to fill out, have a "renter résumé" that highlights why you would be a great candidate. Remember, everyone will be playing up the fact that they are a student as a plus if you are in a college town. You can add in details such as keeping early evenings because of sports commitments or financial help from a part time job.

2. Be Ready to go Solo

You might be vying to rent with your best friend or a group of buddies you met in the dorms last year, but if you are prepared to go solo, you might have better odds of landing a place. Looking for vacant homes can be a tall order, and you may want to look into rooms available in homes already rented. Smaller studio options are also common in college towns and might be easier to rent.

3. Be Ready With Your Financial Plan

Landlords are going to want some assurance that college students can come up with rent and a deposit. Let them know your financial plan for the year, whether this is a part time job, financial aid, or help from your parents. Have some money ready to go in case they want a deposit right away. Have your parents on speed dial in case they will need to co-sign or confirm with your landlord they will be helping you out financially.

4. Seasonal Trends

There can be a surge of college students, staff, and faculty all looking for rentals in the fall. If you are willing to move in the summer, many times housing services will have vacancies from the lull in campus activity. Try to avoid the rush at the beginning of the school year or semester in order to have more options when it comes to housing availabilities.

Finding the perfect rental can be hard for anyone, but this can be even harder in a college town. If you are a student that may be a great candidate, you need to be able to set yourself apart from the competition. Cast a wide net with your search and keep your options open to find your ideal university housing situation. Go to sites like this one if you're looking for university housing.