Tips For Apartment Hunting With Kids

Apartment living can be the best choice for many families. It can be an economical way to afford life in the best school district, or the apartment complex may be close to work or activities. Before choosing apartments in a particular area, read through these tips so you can find the best community for you and your children.

Tip #1: Look for Kid-Friendly Amenities

Most apartments offer community areas, and you want these to be aimed at family living. On-site playgrounds and all-ages swimming facilities are an excellent indication that the community is child friendly. It's also a good idea to factor in outdoor storage. Children usually come with bikes, scooters, and other outdoor-specific toys. Communities with garage or outdoor storage lockers or at least metal bike racks, are exceptionally helpful for freeing up space in the apartment.

Tip #2: Ask About Ground Floor Options

Children, even when they are quiet, can seem loud to those who don't have kids of their own. Even when kids are playing quietly, the sound of their feet running across the floor, or the thud of a new walker falling on their bottom, can sound like a herd of horses running around in a unit below. This is why it's a good idea to look for ground floor units when possible. These units can also be safer in the event of a fire, since it is often easier to evacuate children from a ground floor apartment. If a ground floor unit isn't possible, the next best option is to select a complex with good insulation and thick carpeting. The carpet will help deaden the sounds of running children. You can even add thick rugs on top of the carpet to further increase the safety.

Tip #3: Consider In-Unit Facilities and Rules

An apartment complex that has individual washer and dryer hook-ups in the unit, even if it is only for small stackable units, can be a major benefit when you have to wash a ton of kid clothing each week. You also want to keep an eye out for safety. Make sure that there are no complex rules against installing child safety latches on cabinets, refrigerators, or toilet seats. You may also want to make sure that bedroom doors cannot be locked, since a young child can easily lock themselves in. Also, check that windows have secure locks to prevent a child from opening one and accidentally falling out. You need to make sure the unit is safe.