Love Me And Leave Me Alone: Moving In With An Introvert

If you have a new significant other that is an introvert, it can be an adjustment. People with introverted personalities need different amounts and types of social activities than others. Introverts need alone time in order to recharge their batteries and feel capable of being social. Moving in with another person can be an adjustment that takes some time for an introvert and it should be handled delicately to make everyone comfortable. If you want to select a place that will make the most important introvert in your life content, here are some tips on picking a new place for you and your secluded significant other.

Get more than one room

The worst place for an introvert who is new to living with another person is a studio apartment. Even if you two intend to share a bedroom, a separate space for your significant other to retreat to when they need some alone time is necessary. As soon as you figure out your rental budget, look for two bedroom apartments or more within your range. If a two bedroom is a stretch, consider finding a closed floor plan apartment, so that your lover can set up a small, "escape" space in the corner of a room.

Go for different levels

If you are an extrovert who loves to have family and friends over, there are creative ways to make you and your more private sweetheart happy. Finding townhouses for rent in your area is one of the best ways to set up a good layout for introverts and extroverts to coexist. Townhomes will typically have the kitchen, living, and dining area on one floor, then have the bedrooms on another. Find a townhome that has the bedrooms on a different floor than the living spaces. That way, if your partner needs to get away while you are having a get together, they can go to another floor without any noise or people to recharge. Look for townhouses for rent in your locality.

Schedule couple quiet time

Introverts are often classified as being loners when they really just want some quiet time to decompress and think. If you desire a little more couple time with your introverted partner, ask to schedule in quiet couple's time. This time can be spent quietly watching a movie together or enjoying being in the room together while working on your own tasks. With an introvert, it is important to understand that they do want to be around you, but the couple's time that you think about as an extrovert may have to be a little more subtle in practice.