2 Tips To Prevent Water From Damaging The Smoke Alarm In Your Home

Installing a working smoke alarm in your home is important to help ensure the safety of all the occupants in the home. It is important to conduct routine checks in order to make sure that the smoke alarm is always in working condition. This can be done by pushing the test button that is located on the smoke alarm. Something like water damage can permanently destroy the smoke alarm. The water damage will often cause the smoke alarm to generate false alarms. This added noise can get old quickly, in addition, a poorly working smoke alarm leaves you more vulnerable to possible dangers. With proper care and maintenance, water damage can be avoided. Therefore, there are a few tips that you can use in order to prevent your smoke alarm from experiencing water damage.

Avoid Releasing Steam from Your Bathroom into Hallways that Contain Smoke Alarms

A bathroom fan is not only good for preventing mold and mildew from developing from steamy showers, but it is also effective at preventing your smoke alarm from functioning properly. If you have a smoke alarm that is located near a bathroom, then steam that exits the bathroom could trigger the smoke alarm. This is due to the fact that the steam mimics smoke. The smoke alarm will react to this steam every time and after while the steam may damage the smoke alarm for good. As a result, it is important to let any steam disperse before opening the bathroom door.

Check Your Roof Throughout the Year for Leaks

It can be difficult to tell if your roof has any leaks if your location experiences very little rain. However, you should check your roof periodically throughout the year to ensure that there are not any leaks. Water that enters your home through the roof can easily cause your smoke alarm to malfunction and will eventually destroy it. Once the water leaks from your roof, it can drip into the smoke detector. The water will often lead to corrosion and other damage to the wiring in the smoke alarm. When this happens, it is often better to find a replacement for the entire smoke detector.

A smoke alarm is an important safety device to have for fire safety. False alarms will only make the device seem more like a nuisance. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that your smoke alarm remains in working condition.