2 Reasons To Invest In A Smart Lock

A smart lock is one of the best ways to increase the utility of your home's locking system. In many cases, a smart lock can provide a host of benefits that traditional locks cannot match. Listed below are just two of the reasons to invest in a smart lock.

Much Harder To Lock Yourself Out

One of the biggest benefits provided by a smart lock is that it can make it so much harder for you to end up  locked out of your home. These locks can accomplish this because they will provide you with multiple different methods for unlocking your doors. For example, a smart lock can be unlocked with a basic key, through a smartphone or tablet app, and through a secure website. 

This is extremely useful as you could only end up locked out of your house if you did not have access to a smartphone, keys, and Internet access. While it is possible to not have access to those items, it is much less likely than simply forgetting your house keys. 

Much Easier To Provide Guests With Access To Your Home

Another reason to utilize a smart lock is to provide your house guests with access to your home. Rather than having to run out and make spare keys to give to your guests, a smart lock can enable you to provide guest passes electronically. In that situation, you simply have your guests download the smartphone app for your lock and you create passes that are distributed to them.

These passes can be customized in a variety of ways if you want to limit access on the part of your guests. For example, a pass for the smart lock can be limited to only a day or two, a set number of uses, or only during certain times of the day.

This makes it very easy to ensure that any guests in your home only have access when you want them to. In addition, it helps you avoid any potential issues with getting your spare keys back or discovering that one of your house guests has been letting themselves into your home without your knowledge or permission at a later date.

Speak to a locksmith today to discuss the various different models and types of smart locks that he or she would recommend for your home. A smart lock is the perfect choice if you want to have tighter control over guest access to your home or want to make it as hard as possible for you or your family members to be locked out of the house. Contact an Ottawa Key Shop locksmith for more information.