3 Advantages Of Owning A Townhouse

Townhouses can provide a nice alternative to renting or owning a full house, apartment, or rent-to-own condo. Most townhouse residents must obey rules – and can reap amenities – from belonging to a homeowner's association. As you will see, many of the advantages stem from this homeowner's association affiliation. Here are a few of the advantages of renting a townhouse.


One of the major amenities of buying into a townhouse, is that you rarely will have to do yard work. Due to the fact that there is a uniform design to all townhouses in a row or subdivision, the yard work must stay consistent. As such, the homeowner's association associated with your townhouse will pay for all of the lawn work, including ensuring that the grass is trimmed and that your trees are nicely pruned and well kept. Many homeowner's associations are also quite lenient about what you do with your lawn in terms of aesthetics, insofar as it does not violate any bylines.

Saving Money

When buying into a townhouse, realize that you will not only be paying a mortgage, but also homeowner's association fees. However, it's best to think of the homeowner's association fee as a tax for which you will receive a wide array of amenities. Many townhouses, however, especially when they are placed on the market – have a full array of appliances and amenities already built in. Rarely will you have to sink any more money into construction or aesthetic concerns as you would a full house.

Close Neighbors

This is quite the advantage for a number of people, particularly people who enjoyed having the closeness of neighbors in apartment walk ups or complexes and those individuals who are elderly. Townhouses generally share a wall with at least one other townhouse, so there is a certain closeness involved with your neighbors. This, alongside of the fact that the homeowner's association invites all homeowner's to actively participate, fosters a sense of community. If you decide to purchase a townhouse, you will get to know your neighbors, especially the ones you share a wall with.

Owning a townhouse is an experience that is distinct from owning a home, buying into a condo, or renting an apartment. If you're looking for the space of the home, with the community that is fostered through living in apartment building, as well as amenities that are foreign to both, you should consider investing in a townhouse. To find a townhome for rent, talk to a real estate agent like Stephen McDonald CIR Realty.