Three Design Trends To Capitalize On A Cottage Home

The term cottage usually refers to a smaller home with some historical heritage or at least a country look. On the other hand, if you like the idea of owning a cottage home, you don't need to feel like you are boxed into using roosters as decoration in your home or filling your home with antiques. Instead, feel free to experiment and find ways to express your own personality in your home decor. 

The Beach Cottage

If you live near a body of water and/or enjoy water sports, then you may be interested in creating a beach look to your home. Beach cottages are typically simple and often feature white or light-colored paint on the walls. Thus, you may consider using wood on accent walls, in the floor, or on the ceiling. By painting this wood white, or using some sort of a whitewash on the wood, you can create the minimalist white look of a beach cottage. To further capitalize on the beach look, sand some of the paint off to give your home a lived-in, weathered look.  

The Country Cottage

Another option when designing a cottage is to give your home the look of a country getaway. A great way to create this look is to use reclaimed wood as an accent in your home. Consider something as simple as using weathered wood from a balcony or rail system to create rails and banisters in your home. A little sanding and stain will help to protect your family against splinters while preserving the natural look of the wood. 

The Cottage Kitchen

Cottages do not typically have custom-made, designer cabinets. Instead, kitchens tend to be more of a functional hodgepodge. You can create a hodgepodge look for your kitchen by removing the doors to some of the cupboards. This will give the look that you brought in separate pieces and made them work instead of buying a complete set for your kitchen.  

For the most part, the design strategies described above are the type of thing that you can do on your own. If you have any skill with basic tools of carpentry, you can enhance the look of your cottage, but if you are in need of ideas, you should talk to a home designer. If you don't want to renovate a home, work with a real-estate agent like Sharon White Real Estate LTD., Brokerage and be patient until you find a home that suits your taste.