5 Benefits Of Renting An Apartment Instead Of Buying

Your lease is up soon and you are leaning toward finding a new apartment to rent. Perhaps certain family members or friends have been pressuring you to buy a home instead, telling you that you are “throwing away money” by renting. When deciding what to do, it’s important to consider the benefits of renting instead of buying. Here are five of them: Not Responsible for Maintenance or Repairs When you own your home, anytime the roof leaks, the plumbing starts acting up, or an appliance stops working, you are the one responsible for taking care of it.

Three Design Trends To Capitalize On A Cottage Home

The term cottage usually refers to a smaller home with some historical heritage or at least a country look. On the other hand, if you like the idea of owning a cottage home, you don’t need to feel like you are boxed into using roosters as decoration in your home or filling your home with antiques. Instead, feel free to experiment and find ways to express your own personality in your home decor.

Three Tips To Follow To Be Successful At A Real Estate Auction

A real estate auction is an excellent way to secure a property in a short amount of time. However, you need to know what you’re doing. If you’re unprepared, you might lose out on a property you wanted or end up with one that is more trouble than anything. Here are three tips that can help improve your chances of success at a real estate auction. Know What You Want

Why Hiring A Company To Manage Your Rental Properties Can Be Beneficial

You don’t need to own a huge apartment building to require the assistance of a company to manage your rental property. Sometimes it’s best to leave something to a professional when they can handle it better than you can. Here are three situations when you should consider hiring a real estate property management company. You No Longer Live Near Your Rental Property If you had to sell your home because you were moving away for a new job, you may not have sold your home while you were still in town.

Help For First-Time Home Buyers: 2 Ways To Locate Affordable Canadian Property

To score a home with an affordable mortgage, you have to think outside the real estate bubble. Be one step ahead of the game by exploring deals where conditions are more favorable. Two interesting places to search for potential properties in Canada are: Areas with pockets of overbuilding Look for places where builders have put up too many units for the market to bear. Developers often try to make the most out of property space where there is high demand for housing, but their short-sighted goals of maximizing their returns have created a glut of smaller new condo units in hot cities like Vancouver.

3 Advantages Of Owning A Townhouse

Townhouses can provide a nice alternative to renting or owning a full house, apartment, or rent-to-own condo. Most townhouse residents must obey rules – and can reap amenities – from belonging to a homeowner’s association. As you will see, many of the advantages stem from this homeowner’s association affiliation. Here are a few of the advantages of renting a townhouse. Yardwork One of the major amenities of buying into a townhouse, is that you rarely will have to do yard work.

3 Tips For The Self-Employed When Applying For A Home Loan

If you are self-employed and are trying to buy a house you might be running into some problems. As many people know, being self-employed and trying to conform to the mortgage guidelines can be challenging. Luckily, there is still hope. There are some things that you can do to still get a home loan and continue being self-employed. Here are a couple tips. 1. Don’t Take Deductions On Your Taxes

Do These Two Things before You Buy Your First Apartment Building

You might be thinking of purchasing an apartment building as a commercial real estate investment. However, if you are new to owning this kind of building, you might make mistakes that could lead to a bad investment or spending more money than you expected. Use the following pointers to help you avoid pitfalls when you buy your first apartment building. Look Up Current Zoning Information and the Fire Code When you are looking at apartment buildings to buy, you might start thinking about ways you can renovate a particular building or expand it.

Simple Tips For Real Estate Record Keeping For The "Just-In-Case" Situations

When most people think about their real estate record keeping, they typically imagine it simply involves keeping track of things like mortgage papers and other papers. While this is certainly true, record keeping for any type of real estate property investment – even if it’s just a rental – requires far more detailed work. Keep Receipts Whether you own or rent, any money spent on any type of improvement you make needs to be documented with receipts.

Don't Let These Common Housing Problems Get In The Way Of Savings On A Home

If you are looking to buy a home and are on a budget, it is likely that most of your search will contain fixer-uppers. While doing some work in a home is no big deal, such as replacing carpeting or painting, you may be turned off at the prospect of more serious work. Before letting a problem write off a home you were interested in, consider the following common problems that can be taken care of you own—even as a first-time home buyer.

A Capillary Break – An Important Part Of Your New Home's Foundation

The most important part of building a new home starts starts in the ground. When you are consulting with contractors to build your new home, you should ask about one very key feature of your new home’s foundation. Ask your prospective builder what measures they will take to keep water and moisture from entering through your new home’s foundation. A knowledgeable builder will immediately understand what a capillary break is, and why it is vital for the protection of your home.

2 Reasons To Invest In A Smart Lock

A smart lock is one of the best ways to increase the utility of your home’s locking system. In many cases, a smart lock can provide a host of benefits that traditional locks cannot match. Listed below are just two of the reasons to invest in a smart lock. Much Harder To Lock Yourself Out One of the biggest benefits provided by a smart lock is that it can make it so much harder for you to end up  locked out of your home.